The Rituals

SPA Rituals

  • Hydra-Relax Rituals
    30-minute manual treatment and wellness path.
  • Spa Ritual Detoxifying
    Body peeling and Hydra-Relax Path.
  • Spa Ritual Relaxing Neck and Shoulders
    Hydra-Relax Path and back, neck and scalp Massage.
  • Spa Ritual Light Legs
    Hydra-Relax Path and lymph drainage of legs.
  • Spa Ritual Facial and Décolleté
    Hydra-Relax Path and face, scalp and décolleté Massage.
  • Spa Ritual Radiant Look
    Hydra-Relax Path and special eye contour Treatment

Major SPA Rituals

  • Beauty Ritual
    Facial Treatment, Manicure and Beautiful Feet.
  • Purifying Ritual
    Exfoliation, Hydra-Relax Path and Massage.
  • Slimming Ritual
    Hydra-Relax Path, Draining Massage, Mud Body Wrap.
  • Invigorating Ritual
    Hydra-Relax Path, invigorating Massage and Clay Drape.