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Tri-Active Facial Treatments

  • The Super Restorative Facial
    A replenishing facial treatment that intensively nourishes and hydrates, restoring density and brightness with special attention to hands, neck and age spots.See a new instant glow.
  • The Luminosity Restorer
    A revitalizing treatment that immediately revives deep luminosity in skin. The complexion appears fresherlooking and facial features look younger, smoother and more replenished.
  • The Extra-Firming Smoother
    A youth recovery treatment that boosts skin’s vital functions. Delivers exceptional skin toning and firming benefits to help diminish the visible appearance of lines.
  • The Radiance Reviver
    A rebalancing treatment for skin that shows signs of stress due to a busy lifestyle and early wrinkles. Delivers smooth, toned and radiant skin.
  • The Moisture Replenisher
    A rehydrating treatment to supply intense moisture to dehydrated skin. Nourishes and softens skin to revive and restore radiance.
  • The Skin Healer
    A soothing treatment specifically developed for sensitive skin. Repairs and rebalances skin’s natural defence mechanisms. It helps diminish redness and unifies the complexion.
  • The Detox & Shine Stopper
    An ideal treatment to gently rebalance combination or oily skin. Skin is perfectly clean, matte and healthy-looking. Skin texture is refined.
  • The Total V Face Shaper
    A high-performance treatment to restore fine features, perfect contours and the face of your dreams! Result: the face is visibly refined, double chin is lighter and puffiness is reduced. Facial contours appear younger-looking and the skin is more luminous.

Face & Body Treatment

  • Art of Touch
    A Clarins Signature treatment that combines the quintessence of Clarins techniques and products in a complete rebalancing menu for the face and body. Made up of three steps dedicated to three energetic touch techniques, it relaxes, revitalizes and regenerates from head to toe. For relaxation, energy stimulation and then total well-being, the Beauty Therapist performs three successive targeted massage steps: balancing touch, stimulating touch, enveloping touch.

Tri-Active Body Treatments

  • The Body Lift Sculptor
    This expert contouring treatment drains and filters while restoring a feeling of well-being and lightness. Body contours are refined; the skin becomes smoother and feels more comfortable. Finally, feel good about your body!
  • The Firming Age Corrector
    Fabulous age-control for the body that works on skin’s density, tone and elasticity. Firming and revitalizing, it helps promote firmer, suppler skin. A wonderful youthful boost!
  • The Moisture Quencher
    Perfect for “thirsty” skin, this treatment is a wave of moisture for dry skin and promotes an unbelievable feeling of comfort while restoring smooth, supple skin from head to toe.
  • The Sun Glow
    A head-to-toe self-tanning treatment for the face and body. It ensures even, superb-looking colour that looks just like the real thing. Skin is luminous, soft and ideally hydrated.
    Look like you just got back from the beach!

Treatments For Man

  • Skin Blitzer
    Complete treatment to hydrate, purify and detoxify skin. It tightens features and soothes skin irritated by shaving.
  • Facial Firmer
    The ideal treatment for firmer skin: diminishes signs of fatigue, lightens the neck area and smoothes the eye contour.
  • Balancing Relaxor
    It relaxes the body and helps you recharge your batteries! Ideal for erasing all signs of stress and tension. A total relaxation break for those always on the go.
  • Energizing Back, Face & Scalp Massage
    Well-being care that promotes an immediate feeling of lightness. It effectively eliminates signs of fatigue from the face and soothes muscular tension.

Man Treatment "Signature" Monrif SPA by Clarins

  • Special Man, from head to feet.
    This is the ideal treatment for men, combining wellness and visible results. The facial treatment leaves skin smooth, toned and re-invigorated thanks to the combined action of a revitalizing massage and the use of plant extracts and essential aromatic oils. Restoring the natural beauty of your face, hands and feet in record time!
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