Монриф СПА - Specific Treatments & Massages отель Болонья - Royal Hotel Carlton в центре Болоньи, рядом с железнодорожной станцией
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Specific Treatments & Massages

Monrif Spa Massages

  • Wellness Massage
    Relaxing & Decontracting massage, tailor-made to suit the individual needs.
  • Short Massage 
    30′ minutes of complete or localized massage.
  • Long Massage 
    90′ minutes of tailor-made massage.
  • Lymphodrainage
    Massage that promotes the elimination of toxins and lymphatic stasis, lightening and reducing the volume of tissue infiltrated.
  • Hot Stone Massage
    A massage to reactivate the energetic balance, thanks to the use of hot stones.
  • 4 Hands Massage
    Massage rebalancing for simultaneous action of the two operators and synchronous. High feeling of relaxation with a strong sense of caring and pleasant abandonment.
  • Massage on ergonomic chair
    Finger pressure on back and scalp for a short relaxing massage. A healthy 15′ minutes break on site comfortably dressed and sitted.
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