Wellness & Fitness - Specific Treatments & Massages Hotel Bologna- Royal Hotel Carlton im Zentrum von Bologna, in der Nähe des Bahnhofs
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Specific Treatments & Massages

Pampering Beauty for Mother-to-be

  • Beautiful Mother-to-Be
    Helps prepare your body and skin to beautifully undergo the changes associated with pregnancy. A gentle treatment that relieves tension, promotes lighter legs, improves skin elasticity and helps prevent stretch marks.

Clarins Massages

  • Rebalancing Massage with Essential Oils
    This massage uses enveloping movements for an incomparable feeling of well-being. Tonic Oil is used to stimulate the body and mind or Relax Oil for a feeling of complete relaxation.
  • Melting Honey Hot Stones Massage
    Body-hugging movements using Honey Massage Gel “Relax” are combined with hot, polished marble and slate stones to promote more than just a feeling of warmth. The stone’s studied shape is adapted to different parts of the body and prolongs the hand movements to drain, soothe and energize.

Monrif Spa Massages

  • Wellness Massage
    Relaxing & Decontracting massage, tailor-made to suit the individual needs.
  • Massage Wellness Short
    Partial massage or localized massage.
  • Lymphodrainage
    Massage that promotes the elimination of toxins and lymphatic stasis, lightening and reducing the volume of tissue infiltrated.
  • Chocolate Massage
    A true chocolate bath, softens the skin and stimulates the senses, for all to enjoy a massage.
  • 4 Hands Massage
    Massage rebalancing for simultaneous action of the two operators and synchronous. High feeling of relaxation with a strong sense of caring and pleasant abandonment.

Specific Treatments

  • Smooth & Luminous Eyes
    A complete anti-ageing treatment for visibly more youthfullooking eyes and an enhanced eye area from temple to temple. It’s a fact.
  • Bust & Décolleté Beauty
    This beauty treatment helps promote a smoother, youngerlooking décolleté. Promotes a prettier shaped décolleté and enhances support while redefining contours.
  • Neck & Shoulder Relief
    Relaxes and removes feelings of tension that accumulate in the neck and shoulder area.
  • Back Relief
    A deeply relaxing treatment to relieve all feelings of tension. Immediately calms and soothes.
  • Refined Waist
    This specific treatment helps drain, shape and firm the abdomen, waist and hip area with visible, proven results.
  • Lighter Legs
    A refreshing treatment that relaxes and relieves tired, heavy feeling legs.
  • Beautiful Hands
    A youthful treat that promotes softer, smoother hands and conditions nails.
  • Beautiful Feet
    Leaves feet feeling light and looking impeccable. This treatment also includes a hand and scalp massage.


  • The Polisher
    This high-performing body scrub deeply purifies the skin with double exfoliation benefits (mechanical and biological). This process leaves skin ultra-soft and smooth and increases its resistance.
  • Fruit & Salt Scrub with Plant Powders
    Toning or Relaxing, these 100% natural exfoliating treatments are based on white jasmine, lavender and essential oils. They leave the skin feeling ultra soft and luxuriously smooth


  • Relaxing Wrap
    This gentle wrap is based on green clay and essential oils. It has a remineralizing action on the skin and promotes a wonderful feeling of relaxation. Skin feels silky, soft, and comfortable.
  • Tonifying Wrap
    An exotic wrap based on orange, cinnamon and rice powders. It energizes and revitalizes. Skin feels smooth and soft.
  • Contouring Wrap
    A deeply purifying wrap based on red cranberry, raspberry and rice powders. It helps refine contours and leaves skin soft and firm.
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