Wellness Monrif Spa - Treatments Hotel Bologne - Royal Hotel Carlton dans le centre de Bologne, près de la gare
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Monrif SPA Treatments

  • Exclusive and tailored face and body treatments
    (Counseling, Relaxing, Cocooning and Performing)
  • Man Treatment “Signature” Monrif SPA
    Restoring treatment for the natural beauty of face, hands and feet.  This is the ideal treatment for men, combining wellness and visible results in record time.
  • Face & Body treatment
    A basic facial treatment combined with a wellness body massage.
  • Exfoliating Treatment
    Deep skin cleansing treatment combined with a cream bath to recover the perfect hydration

Monrif SPA Specific Treatments

  • Face, Neck & Shoulder Relief
    Relaxes facial lines and removes feelings of tension that accumulate in the neck and shoulder area.
  • Back Relief
    A deeply relaxing treatment to relieve all feelings of tension. Immediately calms and soothes.
  • Lighter Legs
    A treatment that relaxes and relieves tired, heavy feeling legs.
  • Hands SPA Treatment
    A youthful treat that promotes softer, smoother hands and conditions nails.
  • Feet SPA Treatment
    Leaves feet feeling light and looking impeccable.
  • Salt Gommage
    Exfoliating treatment for smooth and velvet skin.

Treatments For Man

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